These 6 Unique Puzzles Will Keep You Busy For Hours, Days, Or Even Months

As a self-proclaimed jigsaw puzzle connoisseur, I can safely say that I've never encountered a puzzle I didn't have the urge to start putting together immediately. Still, even the most avid puzzle-doers can get bored of the traditional country cottages and beachy landscapes. To help spice up your puzzle life, I embarked on a quest to find the most unique jigsaw puzzles.

All of my picks below have something different to offer, whether it's a unique image, an unusual shape, or an added challenge, like having to complete another task first. One puzzle I found, for example, requires you to solve a crossword first, while another asks you to crack a murder mystery. Some puzzles are just extra difficult, with intricate geometric patterns, while others are notably sized (one of my picks is a whopping 22.25 feet long when completed).

When making my selections, I tried to find options that are suitable for a wide variety of interests. For example, one features a collage of kitten faces that cat lovers are sure to appreciate. Another, by contrast, depicts a peaceful Bob Ross landscape, which fans of the late artist will love. Additionally, I focused on puzzles that are made of strong, high-quality pieces that are precisely cut and easy to connect, according to reviewers.

Check out my final list of the most unique jigsaw puzzles below.

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This One-Of-A-Kind Round Puzzle With A Cool Color Gradient

Number of pieces: 1,000

What's great about it: In addition to being lots of fun to put together, this round jigsaw puzzle will really kick your problem solving skills into high-gear. It features a vibrant 3-D color gradient that fans out in a circular design. The pieces are precisely cut and well-made, according to Amazon reviewers, and numbers are printed on the backs for when you need a clue.

One reviewer wrote: "This puzzle is fantastic! The pieces are cut perfectly and made from a thicker material which makes it sturdy. The added puzzle map was a bonus! Loved putting this puzzle together. It was so pretty that I decided to glue it and use it on an old table to hide some imperfections and it looks great!

A Unique Puzzle That Makes You Solve A Crossword First

Number of pieces: 550

What's great about it: This unique jigsaw puzzle is a crossword lover's dream come true. In order to put the pieces together, you must first solve the crossword puzzle, which then becomes your guide. It comes with a little booklet where you'll complete the crossword, plus a digital version you can share with a friend as a bonus. Reviewers noted that the crossword itself is fairly easy to complete.

One reviewer wrote: "Quality puzzle. I like that I had to be somewhat good at both crossword and jigsaw puzzles to complete this one. Finished it in less than a week.

This Beautiful, Oddly-Shaped Elephant Puzzle

Number of pieces: 171

What's great about it: This cool jigsaw puzzle is shaped like an elephant, with an intricate design that showcases colorful geometric patterns. Made from sturdy basswood composite board), the puzzle pieces are laser-cut with precision and easy-to-connect points. Fans call it "gorgeous" when put together, and they noted that it's a great gift for folks who love elephants.

One reviewer wrote: "Nice thick pieces that stay together beautifully. The colors are so vivid. Will [definitely] order from this company again. Highly recommend."

This Challenging Maze Of Lines That's Made For Advanced Puzzlers

Number of pieces: 1,000

What's great about it: If you're someone who loves a challenge, this extra difficult jigsaw puzzle will be right up your alley. The black, white, and gray graphic features a maze of lines scattered in a criss-cross pattern, and it's all laid out on tough chipboard that's constructed from recycled paper. Best of all, the pieces are split up into sections with letters on the back to help you out when you get stuck.

One reviewer wrote: "This is my second Bgraamiens puzzle and I'll buy more of them because the quality is excellent. The pieces are thick and strong and snap into place well. This particular puzzle is very difficult, but the puzzles have letters on the back (A,B,C,D,E,F) that show you which part of the puzzle they go in. ... This was a lot easier than paying attention to the pattern of lines."

A Scenic Landscape Puzzle With Happy Little Trees For Bob Ross Fans

Number of pieces: 1,000

What's great about it: Calling all Bob Ross fans: This is the adult jigsaw puzzle you've been waiting for. The scenic picture on the box is a rendering of one of his beloved paintings called "Autumn Woods." It shows a pretty mountain landscape with happy little trees and an alpine lake — everything you need to find your zen while puzzling away.

One reviewer wrote: "This was a very fun puzzle to work on and in the end we had a beautiful Bob Ross painting that we framed."

This Box Set Of Four Mini-Puzzles That Spell Out "Love"

Number of pieces: 500

What's great about it: This unique puzzle set is actually a series of four individual jigsaws that come in a box and, when completed, spell out the word "love." It's perfect for puzzlers who enjoy little accomplishments — focus on completing one letter at a time or tackle it all at once if you're feeling bold.

One reviewer wrote: "The puzzle was fun and shiny but larger than I expected."

This Weirdly Captivating Collage Of Fluffy Kittens

Number of pieces: 1,000

What's great about it: Whether you're a proud cat parent yourself or you know one who happens to like puzzles, this kitten-themed jigsaw is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It features a strange yet oddly captivating collage of fuzzy kittens staring into space. With thick, sturdy pieces, this puzzle is a great option for adults and kids alike.

One reviewer wrote: "My husband [loves] this [thing]."

A Whodunnit Jigsaw Puzzle For Sleuths That Makes You Solve A Mystery

Number of pieces: 500

What's great about it: Folks who love crime shows and mystery novels will savor this unique whodunnit jigsaw puzzle. To complete it, you must read through a murder mystery booklet and start putting the pieces together. As the image comes into view (which is actually two separate 500-piece puzzles), you'll begin to solve the mystery.

One reviewer wrote: "I had so much fun making this puzzle. Actually there are two 500 piece puzzles mixed together with no pictures to use as a guide. Once the puzzles are done there are clues in the picture to help solve the mystery. I liked it so much, I order 3 more of these mystery jigsaw puzzles.

This Tiny Jigsaw Puzzle That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Number of pieces: 1,000

What's great about it: Behold, the smallest jigsaw puzzle in the world. (Well, one of them, at least). This exceptionally tiny puzzle — which measures just 420 by 290 millimeters — is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet it contains 1,000 pieces. The final image offers a beautiful view of the Venice canals, and it's also available in other scenic versions like "Prague Bridges," "Machu Pichu," and "Santorini."

One reviewer wrote: "Challenging to build with the small pieces. Looks awesome hanging next to a 2000 piece puzzle of the same castle!"

This Giant 40,320-Piece Puzzle That Will Keep You Busy For Months

Number of pieces: 40,320

What's great about it: Whether you're a hardcore Disney fan, or you simply want to say that you completed one of the world's largest puzzles (based on the number of pieces, not size), this 40,320-piece beast will keep you busy for months. Although the large jigsaw puzzle isn't actually the biggest in terms of puzzles in general (that record is currently at 551,232 pieces), it's very likely the world's biggest Mickey Mouse-themed puzzle. It's made with high-quality craftsmanship and easy-to-connect, precisely cut pieces. The $600 price tag is hefty but the manufacturer lets you pay for it in stages. Just note that it is extremely heavy (the shipping weight is 42 pounds).

One reviewer wrote: "So far so good. We started with a and will work our way through, as ravensburger puzzles normally have a slightly higher difficulty because of detail. Not as hard as we thought, but thats ok given the size."