10 Thirsty Thursday Memes To Be Laughed At With A Glass Of Wine In Hand

Thirsty Thursday will always be our excuse to start the weekend early. It's a sign that you're so close, you can see it appearing on the horizon of the end of the work week. Thursday Thursday memes are legendary, and if you're a wine enthusiast, some of them may have almost made you spill your merlot or rosé.

Thirsty Thursday should only have participants who are 21 or older because hey, we all have to follow the rules. Memes are the best thing that could have come from the Internet and we can't quite count on anything else to make us laugh so hard in public or at home. And since so many of us drinking folks can relate to the festivities and ideologies around Thirsty Thursday, it's only logical that you get extremely entertained by memes depicting this heaven-sent day of the week.

We never quite know who makes these memes because they catch on like wild fire, and the original gets lost in the circus of sharing or retweeting. Digitally though, we are tipping our hats to them and thanking them for the free comedic pairing to our glass of wine. Any of these Thirsty Thursday memes are sure to have you laughing, sipping, and repeating.

Skipping Thirsty Thursday Is A No-No
jc_cardinals on Twitter

Do you see the intent in his eyes and that hand gesture? He's clearly talking serious business, and if it has anything to do with actually partaking in Thirsty Thursday, then you had better listen up. When you're an old enough adult and the week has you stressing the hell out, this day is your safe haven.

Mislabeled Aisles Are Golden
taft_jenny on Twitter

This is way too spot on. Any Thirsty Thursday entrepreneur who went shopping and stumbled upon this gem would not be able to resist making it into a meme. This is such a freaking classic. Too bad wine isn't as available as water is. Could you imagine a wine water fountain?!

The Sip Is Strong With This One
sarai_az on Twitter

Hey, we may not be the only ones making use of a good ole Thirsty Thursday. This guy straight up took advantage of his own. Although, a random shark chilling and sipping on a straw would creep me the hell out. What is this sorcery?

Everybody Got Time For That
breakerslive on Twitter

I bet that you read this meme with that woman's voice in mind. Her interview was seriously the best thing on the Internet, and every meme or snippet video to follow was absolutely hilarious. You certainly make time for Thirsty Thursday, whenever you can.

Wine Lovers Know The Struggle
mrferrar on Twitter

I have seen this little girl's face on so many memes, but this has to be one of the funniest so far. It's super relatable because wine lovers always have that reserve bottle for Thursday. The second you pop it open, you know the weekend is fast approaching and you are going to eat that sh*t up.

Thursday Means Bring Out The Good Wine
barrelbroussard on Twitter

Oh, Oprah. We miss you and your amazing handouts on your show. That energy has transcended into so many memes, we can't even count any more. A $15 bottle of wine is nothing to overlook. That's that good stuff or at least it better be if you're dropping that kind of money on it.

Sh*t's About To Get Real
dolphinhackney on Twitter

Morpheus means business. You know that moment someone in the office reminds you that it's Thursday, and suddenly you are thwarted into party mode? That's exactly what this meme is talking about.

Those Air Quotes Though
tropiclounge on Twitter

If you watched any of the Austin Powers movies, you should remember Dr. Evil and his dry and awkward sense of humor. Wine lovers especially, don't we always say we are just going to have one glass? Thirsty Thursday always has us doing otherwise, huh?

'The Office' Never Gets Old
tropiclounge on Twitter

Basically, any meme regarding The Office is hilarious. In fact, you're probably staying in on Thirsty Thursday, drink in hand, and watching old episodes like they're brand new. I don't blame you.

The Obama Approval
dolphinhackney on Twitter

If a thumbs up from Obama is not a sign of approval, then I am not sure what is. In Obama we trust. Thirsty Thursday is a go.

Thirsty Thursday comes every week and you can't hate on that. Grab your beverage of choice and let the weekend begin.