To Truly Let Go Of The Past, You Need To Start Doing These 10 Things ASAP

The past can be a dark cloud over your present situation. Not everything that happened in the past is bad, per say, but if part of it is, dwelling on it never allows you to move forward and into the sunshine. You grow so much when you don't let the past interfere with the sweet moments unfolding right now. It can be tough, but there are some key things to do to let go of the past, in order for your life to genuinely begin again.

By now, you know that you can't control many things in life. You only have a say in how you react to these situations. Any amount of baggage you're faced with in life doesn't occur so that you can carry it all for the rest of your days. You're meant to rid yourself of the unnecessary, so you can hold onto the parts that truly matter.

The past is history for a reason, and it's a disservice to your present life to let it take center stage all of the time. No one expects you to get over things seconds after they happen, but you should get in the habit of saying goodbye in a reasonable amount of time. Think of the past as a cocoon and if you don't start doing these 10 things, you'll never emerge as a butterfly.


If the only thing someone can offer you is their apology, take it. They can't build a time machine and fix how they wronged you in the past. Even if they never say they are sorry, your forgiveness is such a self-healer, and you will come out of the situation as the bigger person.

Live In The Present

Live in the now. Everything that is happening at this moment is where your attention should be. If you are actively focused on the present that's ticking away, you won't be worried about the parts that are already ancient history.


You keep being sucked back into the past because you never said you're sorry. Guilt will instantly transport you to a time you wish you could change. Apologize, and you'll be able to let it go and move on with your life.

Aspire For Your Goals

Looking forward is way more productive than looking backwards. Think about all of the amazing dreams and goals you'd like to accomplish in the near future, because they deserve your undivided attention. Remember that you have to put one foot in front of the other in order to get to there.

Acknowledge Your Role In How Things Played Out

Take ownership over how you played a part in the past. The blame game is only going to keep you rooted in an unsuccessful replay of events. Accept your role for what it was, and dedicate yourself to a new one in the now.

Stray Away From People Who Only Live In The Past

You don't have to expose yourself to pity parties where the past is always the highlighted guest. If someone's conversations are only ever about a time you want to forget, you shouldn't be around them as much.

Find The Lesson

You may keep revisiting the past because you're wondering, "What was the point?" Sometimes there is no reasoning to how things panned out, but you can find a lesson in everything. Extract the lesson, and apply it to the present and future.

Be Patient

Trust the healing process. Be patient with your efforts to move away from the past day by day. Looking back on the past for a solution is so much different than regretfully dwelling on it without taking any action.

Let It Out

The past is still heavy on your mind because you never gave it an outlet to be released. Write it down and bury it in the ground, or scream at the top of your lungs in an empty field. Let it go, because you're tired of making room for it. You'll likely feel instant relief.

Express Gratitude

What's done is done. You can't have FOMO about the past, because it already happened. Look around and be grateful for the incredible people, opportunities, and places available to you at this very moment. You can't be grateful for where you're going if you keep trying to live life in reverse.