10 Serious Struggles Every Broke Girl Endures The Week Before Payday

When money finally decides to grow on trees, every broke girl will immediately establish a green thumb and start harvesting. Until then, that week before any dough hits your account is going to be your version of survival of the fittest. Waiting for payday can test all of your management skills, and the moment your account replenishes, you kiss the hell out of your silver lining. Those struggles the week before payday are seriously a testament to how innovative you can get when you are so strapped for cash.

The pressure is on. Being able to work and provide for yourself is a perk of adulting — but when that bank account is hitting those double, even single, digits, you are feeling anything but #blessed. That week before payday couldn't pass soon enough, and you can almost taste the dollar bills in your account.

Sadly, there's no magical machine to make time fast-forward — and if there were, you sure as hell wouldn't be able to afford it, because the broke life, duh. If you've been that girl who's all about looking for loose change at the bottom of your purse during that agonizing week before payday, you and other broke ladies can attest to so many more struggles.

Checking Your Bank As If Money Will Magically Appear

Even if you haven't purchased anything with your debit card, you can't stop looking at your account. Whether it's because you are in disbelief or hopeful that money will pop up from some unforeseen advance, you won't stop checking it. You are so ready for this torment to be over, huh?

Calculating How Much You Should Anticipate Your Check To Be

Your check can change depending on a few things. You have jotted down all of your hours, overtime, and holidays by now and have come up with a rough estimate. You're also noting how much you will actually get to keep, because taxes and bills.

Going At War With Yourself Over Whether To Dip Into Your Savings

It's already so tough to keep up with your savings account contributions, and you don't want to withdrawal anything because of a weak moment. Those voices in your head that say, "Just take a little," or, "You'll put it right back," are hella convincing. Yes, you can scream from agony now.

Putting The Bare Minimum In Your Tank To Get You To Work

As if gas isn't already astronomically high when you have cash. When you are broke, those prices are discouraging as heck, and you literally put just enough in the tank to get you to work. You are that person who stops the gas on the EXACT number that you need it to be — nothing more and nothing less.

Making Sure You Get EVERY Drop Of Gas You Paid For

Myth or not, there's this preconception that you don't really get all the gas you paid for unless you tilt the hose and get that drainage. You have no shame when you are taking an extra few minutes to tilt that hose. Even if it did nothing, you are still satisfied with yourself — because at least self-satisfaction is free.

Hitting The Ramen Hard, Just Like In College

Ramen is that one food you can always go back to when money is tight. Nuke it to your liking, and you have endless meals until your bank account allows you to buy more groceries. Ramen, how can you ever be repaid? Hopefully, not with cash.

Rescheduling Plans Until After You Finally Get Paid

You will reschedule plans in a heartbeat if it saves you from ordering the least expensive appetizer as your dinner, and not being able to dish out cash for a glass of rosé. You have no problem prolonging plans until a more comfortable time when you'll actually enjoy them.

Checking Your Jeans To Make Sure You Didn't Leave Spare Cash In Them

Finding money in your clothes is the equivalent of waking up Christmas morning and seeing a tree with a bunch of presents underneath. It's the best, and you love the past you who was unknowingly the real MVP. See, you always have your own back.

Hiding Your Credit Cards, Because They're Too Tempting

Credit cards are the worst when you are super broke. They'll poison your mind into think that it is your safe haven until your next paycheck — but ultimately, you are setting yourself up for owing more money. Stay away, credit cards and your little APR sh*t, too.

Dumping Out All Of Your Purses To Collect The Loose Change

Change is underrated, because some people are too lazy to count out it out. But when you are broke, that loose changes adds up to dollars, and dollars is your second language. Change is a living testament to that whole "the more the merrier" motto.

That week of utter broke-ness is no fun, but you always seem to make it through. Keep up your hustle, and don't let that time period deter you from that boss mentality.