10 Soothing Activities That You & Your Partner Can Enjoy Together In Silence

To me, one of the very best things about being in a relationship is the comfortable silence. I am not someone who is naturally comfortable with silence. With most people, I am terrified of awkward pauses and so I feel the compulsive need to fill them, to keep the conversation flowing, and never, ever let there be a lull. It. Is. Exhausting. That's why quiet time with people I truly feel comfortable around is golden. And honestly, that quiet time can actually be a perfect time to bond with someone, especially if you have silent things to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend that allow you to relax together.

There is a special intimacy to silence. You are both present in a way that can be drowned out by chatting. Besides, sometimes, after a long day the last thing you feel like doing is talking. And that’s OK, you should feel free to take whatever time you need to decompress. But that doesn't mean you have to go into isolation. There are plenty of chill, fun, and silent things you can do with your partner. Here are some activities for you and bae to enjoy together — silently.

Read side by side.

Reading is one of those activities I love to do, but rarely have time to. But it's amazing how much easier it is to carve out the time when it becomes a group activity. And by group, I mean the two of you in the same space, quietly reading your own book. If you want to have a mini book club discussion after, great, but while you're reading, library rules apply!

Give each other quiet, romantic massage.

Want something a little more physical and connected? Then take turns giving each other romantic messages. Go slowly and work your way all over the body, and really focus on being connected and in the present. Only speak up to request more or less pressure or a different spot. Whoever talks least wins — and gets the first massage next time.

Take a romantic bath.

Is there anything more romantic than a soothing hot bath? Yes, a shared bath with a strict code of silence. Just relax and let the hot water do all the work. Add rose petals, bath bombs, or light candles to amp up the mood.

Listen to music together.

No, this isn't technically a silent activity, but it can be a chat-free experience. Pick a playlist that is soothing and atmospheric and then each of you take an earbud. You can snuggle up or just lie side by side and let the music soothe you. This gets bonus points for having a built-in time limit. When you reach the end of the playlist, quiet time is over.

Meditate together.

Maybe you want to add in a spiritual element to your quiet couple time. In that case, side by side meditation is the perfect way to unwind and pass some silent time with the one you love. Get centered together and you’ll be ready to take on the rest of your day as a team.

Have a silent study sesh.

When it's time to study, it can be easy to use your partner as a distraction (that can’t just be me, right?) but by making this a dedicated quiet time, you can still be close to one another without tanking your GPA.

Go for a quiet walk.

Chilling out in silence doesn't have to mean staying at home. Take your quiet hour out into the world with a relaxing stroll somewhere pretty together. Hold hands and focus being in the moment. You’d be amazed how much you miss when you're busy chatting away.

Do a puzzle together.

I love puzzles. They are just so relaxing — and unlike board games you can do them silently, even with a partner. Just chill out and start with the corner pieces. Both the puzzle and any tension or anxiety you're feeling will be solved in no time.

Snuggle up and take a nap.

Really want some quiet time? Then why not go for a snooze for two? Nothing is more relaxing than snuggling up with bae and drifting off for a power nap.

Stargaze in silence.

When I was a kid, I used to lay on the lawn and look up at the sky almost every night during the summer. As I got older, I stopped looking up and that's a shame. There is something so peaceful about just lying on your back and marvelling at the universe. The only thing that could make that better is to do it with your sweetie.

To be totally honest, just thinking about doing these quiet activities is helping me to feel a little more zen. So just imagine how much better it would be actually do them! Which one will you try tonight? (I vote stargazing, for what it’s worth.)

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