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These Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Are So Good, You Won't Need A Costume

by Kelsi Zimmerman

Some people prefer Halloween costumes that are so intricately designed, they take all year to plan, while other people wait until the last minute and let their makeup serve as their entire costume. If the latter sounds like you and you love some majorly scary Halloween makeup ideas, then look no further. I've rounded up some of the best ones that the internet has to offer.

Considering Halloween is just days away, some of the easier last-minute costumes are the ones that only call for makeup. And a scary makeup look is usually so jarring, it allows the makeup to stand on its own. In other words, the creepier and bloodier, the better. From simple yet spooky looks to looks that call for a few extra pieces like fake blood and fake critters, these are the spookiest ideas that can be put together in front of your beauty vanity. The best part is, these looks primarily use products you might already have laying around in that beauty arsenal of yours.

So if it's the morning of Halloween and you still have no idea what to dress up as, but you know you want to be something spooky, then read on for some ideas that only require makeup (and maybe a few accessories).

A Glam Vampire

If you have a devilish side (don't we all), then you can opt to do half of your face as a devil, and do the other half with a super glam beat.


Another scary Halloween makeup look that is really two looks in one is this glam version of Pennywise from It.

Glam... With A Few Bugs

If nothing gives you the creeps like a few crawly bugs, then this gray-toned beat with two fake bugs is probably scary enough for you.

A Spooky Alice From Alice In Wonderland

Halloween costume hack: Take any Disney character costume and make it scary with black eyeshadow and dead-looking makeup. This spooky Alice from Alice In Wonderland features one half of the face with a perfectly sweet beat, and the other half with dirt smudges and smeared makeup to show a terrorized, zombie Alice.

A Werewolf

If you're torn between being a cute animal and dressing up as something scary, you can be both with this werewolf look that features a few gory, bloody scratches for good, spooky measure.

A Spooky Glam Jack-O-Lantern

This glam pumpkin look is not your typical jack-o-lantern. The beat features a light orange eyeshadow look with complexion that melts into the spooky pumpkin. Considering the look is extended down the neck and décolletage, you can simply throw on a black strapless top or dress, and your costume is complete.

The Joker

What better year to dress up as the Joker than this year now that the 2019 version of Joker is in theaters. Extra points go to the Jokers who add a few touches of glam with rhinestones and faux eyelashes like the look shown here.

Bride From Hell

Whether you're married, in a committed relationship, or single, why not spook everyone you come in contact with with this "Bride From Hell" look, created by @nikkitutorials. Be sure to add your version of a hell-ish wedding gown and veil for the full effect.

Makeup Junkie

Don't know what to dress up as for Halloween? Why don't you go as your true self: a makeup junkie. Do your favorite makeup beat and add a few of your favorite makeup products with touches of blood, and you're all set.

Bride of Frankenstein

This Bride of Frankenstein look is perfect for the person who doesn't mind going all out with their makeup look for Halloween. It's creepy yet somehow still glam, thanks to the purple glittery lips and purple, pink, orange, and yellow eyeshadows.

If spooky is your aesthetic this Halloween, but you don't have the time to put together an eccentric outfit, then allow these scary makeup looks to inspire your costume this year.