10 Must-Have Hair Products That Will Give You The Celeb Hair Of Your Dreams

By Michelle Guerrere

In case you didn’t already know, we’re just a little obsessed with Ulta Beauty, our one-stop shop for literally everything hair, skin, and makeup. Not only are its sales reason enough to go on a shopping spree, but they also have a continually increasing selection of high-end products that are worth the hefty price tag. And speaking of quality worth splurging on, one thing we’re always on the hunt for is a product that gives us the celeb hair of our dreams. Actually, who are we kidding? We're always looking for multiple hair products — dry shampoo can only do so much.

So in partnership with Ulta Beauty, we decided to round up our all-time favorite must-have hair products that are definitely worth it. From luxe stylers to sleek hot tools, this list will get you red-carpet-level shine, 'grammable waves, and A-list texture. Just keep scrolling to see our picks, then head over to Ulta Beauty to shop your top products. And the award for best hair goes to...


This color-depositing duo of shampoo and conditioner helps blondes get rid of brassiness in just a few washes (leave the conditioner on for three minutes after cleansing before rinsing it out). Plus, the herbal fragrance is like a perfume for your hair.

Why It’s Worth It: It contains pure violet pigments to maintain cool and bright tones.


Six super lightweight oils are blended together in this luxe heat protectant by Bumble & Bumble. Spritz it on wet hair before drying or styling for smooth strands all day long (and to prevent UV damage, too).

Why It’s Worth It: It protects your ends from getting (and looking) fried.


Yes, this is an investment piece. But this quiet, lightweight hair dryer uses new technology to help cut drying time in half and promote hair shine. Bonus points: Each attachment is magnetic to make switching them in and out a total cinch.

Why It’s Worth It: The motor spins six times faster and is both smaller and lighter than average. It also has technology that measures its airflow temperature 20 times per second to ensure hair is never overheated (and thus is protected from dulling damage). And the motor runs at a frequency that's inaudible to humans. So yeah, it's a little more than just a hair dryer.


A volumizer is great, but if it doesn’t last all day, what good is it? This volume spray has a super hold that lasts up to 120 hours (!) and keeps hair from ever falling flat.

Why It’s Worth It: Humidity is no match for this spray, making it an especially favorite pick for summertime.


Forget about damaging your hair while curling — the T3 Whirl wand has a microchip brain to sense when a barrel needs to automatically lower its temp. Plus, the sleek white-and-metallic finish even looks pretty resting on the countertop.

Why It’s Worth It: You can get different types of curls, from beachy waves to tight pinwheels, with one styling wand — it has three interchangeable barrels (genius, right?).


We all have those days when we just can't with washing our hair. Never fear, because this all-star of a dry shampoo harnesses triple-action technology to absorb oil, cleanse, and impart a time-release fragrance.

Why It’s Worth It: Where other dry shampoos just mask dirty hair, this one cleans it, so it’s literally like a shower in a bottle.


Leave it to one of our favorite blowout bars to create a shine spray that’s activated with the application of heat. It also smooths down baby hairs and pesky flyaways.

Why It’s Worth It: UV absorbers actually help keep your color from fading in the sun’s rays.


When hair gets dry, it needs more than just conditioner. That's where this heavy hitter comes in. This conditioning mask relies on a buttery texture (and matcha green tea butter, almond oil, and beet root extract) to penetrate every single strand.

Why It’s Worth It: It can be used as a three-minute quick fix or a 20-minute hydrating mask, depending on your specific hair needs.


When you don’t want to touch hot tools but also don’t want a wet head, this styling lotion helps lessen drying time. Blue agave, plus other ingredients like coconut oil, protect color and keep frizziness at bay.

Why It’s Worth It: It tames hair while it works, so once air-drying is complete, you don’t need to use other products.


This salon-quality straightener lets you adjust the heat up to 410 degrees to get your hair silky smooth in no time. Plus, it comes in poppy colors like hot pink to add a little fun to your everyday beauty routine.

Why It’s Worth It: The CHI iron heats up in 30 seconds flat — ideal for when you just need to straighten hair and go.

This post is presented by Ulta Beauty.