10 Instagram Captions For Solo Photos If You're Single & Loving Yourself

The one art form I like to think I've mastered is the shameless solo shot on Instagram. I know, I know, what a brag, right? But it's true, my solo posts usually get a decent amount of likes, so I can't be screwing them up that badly. Or maybe I am embarrassing myself on a monthly basis, but my loyal followers — aka friends — like the photos anyway because they have to. This pity is my own making: I believe that Instagram captions for photos of yourself should be self-deprecating AF.

When I post photos of just myself to Instagram, I often poke fun at the fact that I'm alone. In my mind, the dash of self-deprecation keeps the solo shot from feeling too serious. But lately, I'm rethinking my commitment to the self-deprecating caption. Because when I see a couples' post with a genuine caption, I'm usually on board. (Unless its saccharine sweet.) In fact, it seems like being in a couple gives you free range to post a bajillion photos without annoying anyone. (OK, that's a stretch, I follow at least thirteen annoying couples on the 'gram. That's a lot.) So why can't I, a single person, use a genuine caption on a photo of myself?

So let's reclaim the shameless solo shot. At a wedding alone? Cool! Post that picture of you and your date, Mr. Veuve Clicquot. On a solo trip? You better be posting. Just feeling yourself? Go girl. (Just say no to daily selfies, though.) And here are some captions to help you own.

"It's just me, myself, and wine."

For that photo you take by yourself at a wedding while holding a glass of wine, living your best damn life. Because wine not? (And now I sound like a wall hanging you'd find at Home Goods.)

"Welcome to my blog."

This is the caption for that overzealous photo of you sipping from a coconut on a beach somewhere, except the funny part is you're not actually shelling for Hawaiian Air or whatever other sponsored content bloggers are usually promoting. Making fun of influencers is fun!

"Instagram BFF > Instagram Husband."

Because your friends are always going to be more understand of why it takes 75 shots to get the perfect one for positing than the dudes in your life will me.

"When the palm tree is cuter than anyone I met at the bar last night."

Obviously you should be clutching a palm tree lovingly, ideally at some fancy event. Feel free to substitute the tree appropriate to your climate instead. The larger the trunk, the better.

"I'm flying solo!"

To accompany the picture of you doing the Titanic boat pose alone.

"Single and shameless."

This is the caption for that picture of you completely photobombing the bride and grooms cake photos at the wedding. Oops!

"Single as a dollar."

You can add this cheeky little line to any photo in which you are alone AF, but if the photo somehow involves money, you're in even better shape.

"My and my sweet."

To caption a photo of you eating an ice cream cone, or other sweet treat... alone, of course.

"Beer: the only thing I bring to the table."

Ideally you use this caption because you have some excellent photo of just you sitting at a German-style beer hall or other bar, with a giant stein (or two) in hand and on the table. This one is fully self-deprecating, but I think it's funny.

"When the city is your boyfriend."

For that picture of you on a rooftop, looking hot but also not posing with a date. The key here is that an awesome city skyline is in the background. Because honestly, I wish New York were my boyfriend.

The most important thing about celebrating your singledom? Owning the crap out of it. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side so make all your coupled friends jealous of your Instapendence. (Instagram independence!)