These Halloween Costumes All Incorporate Pajamas, So You Can Be Ultra Cozy

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2020 has been a big year for comfy clothes, and there's really no reason why you should stop enjoying it. Even with Halloween on the horizon, you can still get totally into the ~Spooky Season~ mood while staying at your coziest (and even on your couch). All you need is a Halloween costume that includes pajamas, and all the hard work is done for you. There are a few ways to go about this idea, but all of them will have you feeling cute, snug, and completely in the Halloween spirit. It's a win-win-win.

It's a fact of life that your costume is a quintessential part of Halloween, so it's paramount you choose wisely. When deciding to spend your Halloween in a pair of pajamas, there are two main routes you can go down. You can either pick a character that rocks a pair of jammies or find a pair of PJs that are a costume in and of themselves. Both options will keep you at peak 2020 cozy vibes in the cool October weather.

To help you plan out what just might be your comfiest Halloween yet, you'll find some super cute Halloween pajama costumes below. Whether you're going to a socially-distanced hangout or just cuddling up on your couch watching scary movies, celebrate festively.

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Holly Golightly

Courtesy of "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Any Audrey Hepburn look makes for a classic costume, and you'll be immediately recognizable has Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's in an oversized white button down and her iconic sleeping eye mask. This look is stylish, easy to wear, and a touch sexy.

Animal Crossing Villager

Animal Crossing

You'll be your absolute snug-est self in an animal onesie this Halloween. Just add a t-shirt over it to become your favorite Animal Crossing Villager. As a major Henry fan, I'm partial to a frog onesie.

Buffy's Yummy Sushi Pajamas

While you won't be looking very threatening, you will be feeling very yummy in a pair of sushi pajamas. Buffy rocked this cozy set in Season 4, Episode "Goodbye Iowa" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Jack O'Lantern

What is Halloween without Jack O'Lanterns? The quintessential decoration makes for perfect pajamas you'll want to wear all October long.

Moira Rose

Courtesy of Netflix

Like any true style icon, Moira Rose has impeccable fashion 24/7 — even in bed. Her pajamas not only match but also involve vests and brooches. She looks nice enough to conduct a business meeting from the comfort of her motel bed, which, TBH, doesn't sound too far off in 2020.

Villanelle's Superhero PJs

Courtesy of Hulu

Killing Eve's Villanelle loves getting dressed up, but one of my favorite costumes of hers has to be her stolen, comic book pajamas. The psychopathic murderer looks almost adorable in the Season 2 premiere, and you will, too.

Spooky Scary Skeleton

You'll definitely want to shake dem bones on Halloween when you're wrapped up in your cozy skeleton pajamas.

Taylor Swift in "Cardigan"

For her most recent music video, Taylor Swift walks through a forest in a long, retro nightgown. The look is super cottagecore, and you can even get Swift's exact cardigan from the video to complete the look.

Usagi's Pink PJs

Viz Media

As anime's number one bed-lover, Usagi naturally spends a good chunk of her time lounging in pajamas. Her go-to pair is a pink set that looks divine with her long hair. I, personally, lack the length and color to pull off Usagi's classic hair, but that's nothing a wig can't fix.

Go Batty

What I love about Hot Topic's Cozy Bat Girl Costume ($61, Hot Topic) is that it perfectly toes the line of super comfy wand super sexy. You truly can have it all.

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