10 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Reddit Theories That Will Rock Your World


It's the most spoiler-y time of the year, Game of Thrones season! It's that special period of time when Twitter is abuzz with countless memes celebrating and tearing apart one of the most popular shows in the world. With a show that creates as much buzz as Game of Thrones does, it's only natural that fans flock to the internet to share all their wildest thoughts. Reddit is usually the go-to spot for fans to gather online, and right now Reddit is bustling with Game of Thrones opinions. In fact, there are 10 Game of Thrones Reddit theories that are so wild, they'll have you reconsidering everything.

There are only five episodes left in the entire Game of Thrones series, which not a lot of time wrap up all the plot lines for the countless characters the show has introduced over the course of the last eight seasons. It truly boggles the mind to think how the show's writers will juggle all of it, and that's where the fans come in. Fans on Reddit have provided theories on everything from who ends up on the Iron Throne to what is really going on with Bran and his visions. Here are some of the most captivating theories.

1. Cersei Already Lost Her Baby

Reddit user overthemoon4u noted that Cersei drank wine in the premiere episode, but she had refused wine last season because she was pregnant. Perhaps she feels comfortable drinking now because she no longer has a baby to protect.

2. Cersei Was Never Pregnant At All

Reddit user the northremembas took the no-baby-for-Cersei theory one step further and pointed out that Cersei is not known for telling the truth. There's a good chance she lied about being pregnant in order to manipulate her brothers into doing what she wants.

3. Gendry Is Not A Bastard

This one is a deep cut, but Reddit user bmccandl reminded other fans that back in Season 1, Cersei told Catelyn Stark that her firstborn baby looked like Robert Baratheon (Gendry's father) but a fever took him. bmccandl has a good argument for why Gendry might have been that baby:

Is it possible that Cersei didn't want a child from Robert and told Robert he died from a fever. Cersei's only redeeming quality is that she loves her children so she couldn't bring herself to have him killed so she had him left in flea bottom.

4. Euron Will Kill Cersei

There's a prophecy that says Cersei will be killed by a younger brother, and Reddit user mcrabb23 thinks that the younger brother might be Euron. He's not Cersei's younger brother, but he is a younger brother.

5. Arya Takes Daenerys' Face

Fans will likely get to see Arya use the magic of the Many-Faced God one last time this season, and Reddit user linearblade thinks she'll use it to take over Khaleesi's throne.

6. Bran Pushed Himself in the First Episode

Since audiences know that Bran has the power to time travel and enter the minds of others, Reddit user DunkinDonutsCoffee thinks that Bran became Jamie and pushed himself out the window in the pilot episode. That way, he set all the events of the series in motion.

7. The Targaryens and The White Walkers Are Linked

Reddit user DontLikeTheCold pointed out that the Night King's spiral symbol at the Targaryen sigil look very similar, and that might point to the two groups going way back.

8. Daenerys Targaryen is The Villain

Fans have been rooting for Daenerys from the beginning, but Reddit user mrhabitat pointed out that she's been showing more and more of an evil side. In fact, the Night King might be fighting to stop her.

9. Jon Snow Will Be The New Night King

Reddit user user Tyunye pointed out that the visual motifs used for Jon Snow are very similar to the ones used for the Night King. That might be pointing to a deep connection between the two of them, with Jon destined to take over as the true King of the North who rules over all the north, including the White Walkers.

10. Gilly Will Be The One Left Telling the Story of Game of Thrones

There are few theories that say the series will end with one character retelling the whole story, and Reddit user u002dag thinks that character will be the unassuming and unexpected Gilly. Hey, anything is possible, right?