10 Flirty Texts To Send Your Old Hookup Buddy Now That You’re Back On Campus

The phrase "back to school" evokes memories of begging my mom for a specific on-trend backpack, getting new clothes and daydreaming about striding back into class a newer, hotter, and better me. But returning to college ups the ante to new levels of scrambling for your ideal schedule, finding the best dorm or apartment, and striding onto campus a newer, hotter and better you. It's time to crack the books and also time to come up with some flirty texts to send your hookup buddy, now that you're both on the quad.

In case your FWB has a case of summer brain and might not recall with acuity your dopeness, sexiness, and all the good times you two had, all you have to do is fire off a text or two to jog their memory. So whether you're a little more conservative with your flirting style, aren't sure if your former FWB is still single, or love to get right to the point, we've got you covered (so you can get uncovered). Here are a few ideas to reconnect with your hookup homie, show off your sext-iness, and literally start your new college year off with a bang.

You're Feeling Subtle

Let's say you're not one to just come out and say it and you'd rather text something more roundabout and suggestive. Or maybe you're actually not sure of your former casual hookup buddy's current status... either way these more subtly suggestive messages should do the trick.

  • "I forget why we hooked up... remind me?"
  • "I'm in the mood for an all-nighter. Wanna join? Don't bring a book."
  • "Remember that night after homecoming/finals/Taco Tuesday last year? I still do."
You're Punny, Honey

Just because you're sexting doesn't mean you can't also be flexing your comedic biceps. Here are a few romp-related puns to fire off to your FWB to get the ball(s) rolling.

  • "Just finished moving in but still one more box that I could use some help with."
  • "Already dying for Thanksgiving break... In the meantime wanna help me with a different kind of stuffing?"
  • "I've been studying hard. Need a break. Let's study a different kind of hard."
  • "Just walked past the dental school and heard all this drilling and through of you. #drilling."
You're A Straight Shooter

If innuendo and nuance aren't your jam and you much prefer getting right down to it, here are some straight shots to the (baby) arm to send your FWB.

  • "New dorm, same ass."
  • "My schedule is so f*cked this semester. I need to catch up with it. Help me out?"
  • "My roommate is gone from 7 - 9 p.m. every Wednesday. Mark your calendar, plz."

Hopefully you have everything you need to kill this year at school, but in case you're on-trend backpack-less, your roommate is a total bummer, or you didn't get a single class you wanted, these suggestive suggestions should help you at least score in one category of life. Have fun!

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