Couple Mysteriously Found Dead Next To Uneaten Taco Bell And Pound Of Weed

Police officers were left baffled after finding a young married couple laying dead next to their uneaten Taco Bell dinner on Tuesday night.

Courtney, 20, and Cameron Hulet, 28, allegedly collapsed in their Dundee, Michigan home right before indulging in their fast food dinner, reported DailyMail.com.

Todd Opperman, the Dundee police chief, allegedly stated their food was completely untouched, and there was no sign of trauma to their bodies.

He also said a pound of marijuana was found on the kitchen table, which the couple was preparing to sell.

According to the local Monroe News, paraphernalia was found in the apartment as well.


Apparently, there was no sign of intruders in the apartment, which makes the case even more peculiar.

In fact, the only reason why authorities were called to the scene at all was because the Hulets' neighbor stopped by their apartment for a visit.

When the couple didn't answer the door, the neighbor was under the impression they had simply fallen asleep, so she left.


A few hours later, the neighbor came back to check on them and found the couple in the same position. Cameron was allegedly on his side and Courtney was face-down.

She suspected they weren't sleeping and called the police.


Although drugs were present in the area of their death, authorities are still unsure of what exactly caused their demise.

Dave Uhl, the Dundee Village Manager, spoke with Monroe News about the mysterious predicament. He said,

It's really a puzzle. There is no indication as to what happened. It's a mystery.

Opperman revealed that two children were previously removed from the home by the Child Protective Services.

He also mentioned Cameron had a lengthy criminal history, with charges including possession of marijuana, driving offenses and assault.

Even so, there's no real answer yet to explain the couple's sudden death.

Results from a toxicology test have not yet been released.

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