These 2 Sisters Are Making $128,000 A Month From A YouTube Cooking Show

Without obtaining a single degree or even making it to middle school, a pair of young girls from Australia are proving to be six-figure earners on the Internet.

YouTube stars earn revenue from video views, and that translates to more eyes seeing the website's ads.

In the case of Charli's Crafty Kitchen, a channel dedicated to food created in 2012 by then-6-year-old Charli and her then-3-year-old sister Ashlee, more than 29 million views in March translates to an estimated payout of about $128,000.

The figure, released by Outrigger Media, is even more surprising after viewing the channel.

There's no slick production here, just two sweet girls frosting cupcakes and making popsicles.

Since the channel began, it's been viewed almost 300 million times.

While other little girls play sports and dress dolls, Charli and Ashlee build their own brand.

They even received a 2015 Kids' Choice Award nomination.

The icing on the "Frozen"-themed cupcakes is they do it all while munching on sweets.

In short: dream job.

Curious about Charli's Crafty Kitchen? Watch last year's trailer below.

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