There's A Groupon To Get A Year's Worth Of Burgers For Only $144

Earlier this week, Philadelphia-based burger joint PYT announced the Groupon deal of your (deep-fried) dreams: $144 for a year's worth of burgers and fries.

Since the restaurant -- well-known in the food world for its insane burger creations -- normally charges between $8 and $12 per burger, the actual cash value of the deal is a whopping $4,380.

But even if you only ate 24 burgers from the eatery in the entire year, you'd still be cashing in on the 97 percent discount -- and at just two burgers a month, we think that's totally doable.

Over 350 burger junkies nabbed the delicious deal so far.

The deal was originally set to end yesterday, but Groupon has yet to end the sale. So if you're interested, we'd recommend forking over that $144, like, now.

And if you happen to miss out, don't fret: A second PYT location is set to open in NYC this July, so keep your eyes peeled (and fingers crossed) for another potential offer as the summer approaches.

And if not -- well, there's always Shake Shack.

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