Women Are Actually Using Foreskin To Make Their Skin Look Better

The secret to youthful skin doesn't lie in endless bottles of water or a pricey jar of night cream, according to one skincare company.

The unusual addition to HydraFacial's 30-minute "miracle" treatment is infant foreskin stem cells.

Don't believe it? New York Magazine's Ashley Weatherford tried the treatment that's so often lauded by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Brittany Snow.

After undergoing exfoliation and a peel containing both salicylic and glycolic acid, Weatherford endured a suction-like tool attempting to vacuum away any blackheads or remaining dead skin.

Then, her face was slathered with the HydraFacial's foreskin stem cell cream, designed to create a temporary fix for aging skin.

Finally, she underwent an LED therapy session, resulting in skin that glowed "in a way that I thought only Jennifer Lopez could glow."

Wondering why the foreskin stem cells made her skin feel so good, Weatherford asked tissue expert Dr. Gail Naughton.

The answer? Young cells, like those from infants, divide at a quicker rate than those in older skin.

By slathering on an infant cell-packed cream, you're faking babyface for a limited period of time by coercing your own cells into regenerating more quickly.

It's worth noting foreskin cream first created controversy in 2013, when media mogul Oprah promoted a product called SkinMedica.

Much like HydraFacial, it relied upon cellular derivatives of the foreskin – not the actual skin – to create a youthful appearance. Needless to say, anti-circumcision activists weren't pleased.

According to a Vice report, just one baby foreskin runs upward of $100,000. That makes La Mer's price tag look like almost nothing.

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