Worst Hitman Ever Arrested After Using Facebook To Advertise Services

A Peruvian man got himself arrested by posting photos of himself holding guns on Facebook.

Daily Mail reports that 38-year-old Jonathan Giraldo intended to use the social network to advertise his services as the "Most Wanted" hitman.

Using the name Tony Garcia and the nickname Anthrax, Giraldo put up videos and photos in which he posed with guns and large amounts of cash.

In the space where one is supposed to list an occupation, Giraldo instead wrote,

On the streets -- you learn more than in school.

Police easily traced the Facebook profile to Giraldo's home in Miraflores, which is located in the Peruvian capital of Lima.

Giraldo was actually in the process of adding even more incriminating evidence to his profile when police entered his apartment.

Police spokesman Leonidas Menendez said,

The truth of it is at the moment we do not know yet if he really is a contract killer or if he is an idiot making up a fantasy life from his bedroom but we will find out the truth. We are currently doing ballistics checks on the weapons and looking at his bank accounts to see if there have been any suspicious payments.

The man is currently being held for various firearm-related crimes.

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