Little Girl Has The Worst Case Of Head Lice You'll Ever See (Video)

by Sean Levinson

A video has re-emerged from last year showing quite possibly one of the most gruesome cases of head lice on record.

The footage begins with a young girl having her hair combed and ends with millions of tiny bugs crawling on the comb's teeth in a hideous close-up.

Dr. Alejandra Perotti of the University of Reading's School of Biological Sciences told the Daily Mail that this is most likely a result of very poor parental care.

She said,

I work in forensic sciences and these types of cases are found in cases of neglect of children or the elderly. You also see it in cases of homeless people.

The lecturer said that the only level of head lice worse than this is when the hair becomes stuck together, unable to be brushed.

Perotti added,

This child was almost in that condition. To treat it you have to cut off all the hair. At this moment, they should remove all the hair, to remove the nits -- combing and shampoo would not work.

Cutting the hair very short, she says, is always beneficial because it prevents the female lice from laying eggs. Common antibiotics are also an effective treatment.

She said,

All human lice have a bacterium living inside them. If you treat the person with antibiotics, it's likely the lice will die, because it kills this bacterium inside of them and they can’t survive without it.

Even full-grown lice are very tiny, and they feed on blood from the scalp. Experts say this girl probably had her case of lice for several months.

via Daily Mail