A Stand Near The World Trade Center Is Selling Tourists $30 Hot Dogs

New York City is expensive enough without people price gouging hot dogs near the site of a national disaster.

After hearing rumors of pricey snacks being sold to tourists visiting the World Trade Center memorial, an investigative team from a local NBC news station tracked down a man named Ahmed Mohammed.

Covert cameras recorded Mohammed selling Ground Zero visitors hot dogs for prices up to $30.

Unlike other vendors, the man illegally refrains from listing food prices on his stand – getting away with selling overpriced snacks instead of $1 dogs.

After hearing horror stories from multiple customers, the media team jumped into action.

NBC 4 reports when the man was approached and questioned about his methods, he denied the prices before pretending not to speak English.

According to NBC, the Department of Consumer Affairs launched an investigation into Mohammed's alleged selling practices after reports of an estimated five fights caused by his prices surfaced in this past week alone.

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