Two Women Stranded In The Snow Lived On Girl Scout Cookies For 13 Days

If fellow road trippers accuse you of packing too much food, just tell them the story of Lee Wright and Leslie Roy.

The two sisters survived on Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs for 13 days after being stranded in the Michigan snow.

The middle-aged sisters originally planned for an eight-hour road trip after leaving relatives on their way home to Kalamazoo, Michigan, CNN reports.

While driving through the state's upper peninsula, their Ford Explorer got stuck in a backroad snowbank and later died.

As luck would have it, Wright and Roy purchased eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies during their trip.

WLUC reports the sweet snacks, combined with a bag of cheese puffs and water made from melted snow, were enough to keep the sisters alive.

Stranded and out of cell phone service range, the two layered their clothes and hoped for rescue, even as a bear prowled around the vehicle on two separate occasions.

The pair was finally rescued Friday afternoon after a Michigan State Police pilot spotted the sun glinting off the car's roof from above.

After some coordination, Michigan Live reports police officers were able to trek out to the Explorer and rescue the pair.

Emergency services transported the sisters to Helen Newberry Joy Hospital; they were released the same day to a "relieved" family.

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