Women Are Freezing Their Thighs To Get Butts Like Kim Kardashian (Photos)

by Eitan Levine

Freezing your butt to make it look like Kim Kardashian's backside is a cosmetic craze we really hope doesn't catch on.

There is nobody in the history of the world who owes more to their derrière than Kim Kardashian.

Without her signature super-curved booty, Kimmy would be just another super-rich socialite and not someone who almost broke the very existence of the Internet.

Kim K's life has been made significantly better by having a famous rump, but how far would you go to give yourself a chance at rockin' a Kardashian booty?

For some women, that answer involves literally freezing the fat around their thighs.

Nobody in this picture looks happy.

The procedure is called the "Lipoglaze Butt-Lift" treatment, and it involves lowering the temperature of the fat cells around your butt to -8 degrees Celsius.

Once it reaches that temperature, the fat cells are “killed” and end up being naturally disposed of by the liver.

Doing this procedure gives you the ability to literally shape the frozen area any way you want.

"I'm dead inside."

The procedure is being performed at the LoveLite clinic in the UK and costs between around $1,258 and $2,516.

Based on the pictures shown by the clinic, it seems like the procedure actually kind of works.

Deff more booty in the second picture.

Both model's butts are more pronounced and for sure look more Kardashian-esque than before.

I think the biggest change in this set is that in the second picture, she no longer walks around showing everyone her back love handles.

Critics do, however, warn that as much as this does work in small amounts, the treatment should not be viewed as a weight loss solution.

They also warn that throwing liquid nitrogen at an ATM won't make your bank account look more like Kim's.

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