Woman Proves How Fitness Photos On Social Media Are Total Bullsh*t


It's no secret there's generally a significant disconnect between Instagram and reality.

What we post on social media is curated and edited; the images reveal only minuscule portions of our multifaceted lives.

Still, it's easy to forget people share only what they want to share, and as a result, our confidence and happiness can sometimes take hits.

One Imgur user decided to break that fourth wall, so to speak, through a series of four photos documenting her unedited body.

In two of the images, user SomewhereUnderWater seemingly has a flat, fit stomach; in others, she poses differently to reveal a less toned midsection than what was suggested by the original photos.

In a caption, she wrote,

The series, titled “Reality Check,” went viral on the site in a matter of days with over one million views.

Feedback was largely positive, with many commenters thanking the anonymous woman for sharing the body-positive, inspirational message.

Many people, it seems, appreciated the reminder things are not always what they seem to be — and even the seemingly perfect people have their (beautiful) flaws, too.

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