Woman Wears Corset For 7 Years To Narrow Her Waist Down To 16 Inches

Kelly Lee Dekay laces herself into the silhouette of her dreams.

The 27-year-old fetish model has been waist training with a steel corset for seven years, whittling her core down to a slight 16 inches.

Dekay grew up a meek girl with a love for comic books.

Years later, Jessica Rabbit of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit” would inspire her once again.

She says, "I just loved the exaggeration of styles and the beautiful costumes that comic book characters would wear and that led to the aesthetic that led to tight-lacing."

Although corsets are publicly maligned for their reshaping of the body’s organs and rib cage, Dekay takes great care with her health.

She removes the corset for weight training at the gym and regularly visits the doctor.

The model’s biggest critics are those who think her body looks unnatural.

To that, she responds that modification is a hobby she’s undertaken for herself, not bystanders.

Dekay says, "I always did it for myself — I didn't really do it for people's reactions."

"People say that it looks unnatural, but I have big bright blue hair — what part of me screams that I want to be like everybody else?"

Dekay doesn't have any plans to lace her waist tighter.

After years of training, Dekay is the comic book superhero she's always dreamed about.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Instagram