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Woman Takes Shower To Ease Stomach Pains, Ends Up In Unexpected Labor

Brittany Young had given birth to three children and thought she knew what to expect from pregnancy.

During a routine shower last week, however, Young found herself face-to-face with her newest daughter.

On March 11, the 24-year-old Iowa woman gave birth to a daughter she named Miracle, reports The Des Moines Register.

Young, who thought she was only 12 weeks pregnant, was dumbfounded.

Young reportedly discovered she was expecting in January while visiting the hospital for a broken nose after escaping a "troubled family life."

There, a pregnancy test revealed she was expecting.

The young mother allegedly misheard a hospital technician explaining she was 12 weeks from her due date.

So, when she experienced stomach cramps, Young wasn't worried.

She hopped in the shower to try and relax, only to find she had gone into labor.

The Register reports after just five minutes, Miracle was born.

Emergency services helped transport the mother and child to Mercy Medical Center, where staff reportedly said Young's body weight may have hidden the pregnancy.

Young told press, "I've been in shock for the last couple of days because I didn't expect a full-term baby."

A local charity donated supplies to Miracle, helping Young with her unexpected newborn.

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