After Getting Marriage Proposal Rejected, Man Sends Woman $185,000 Invoice For Everything He Spent On Her

A woman who turned down a marriage proposal from a wealthy suitor was shocked when he handed her a bill for roughly $185,000 that he claims amounts to all the money he spent on her.

Single mother Marie Lacombe (42), from Melbourne, Australia, says she was never actually romantically involved with 65-year-old Bruce Dusting, Scallywag reports.

But he obviously had a different view of their relationship, claiming that she led him on to pay for Zumba classes, shopping trips and even plastic surgery.

An emotional Dusting told Nine Network's "A Current Affair": "This Marie has just destroyed every thought of humanity that I've had for other people."

According to Scallywag, Lacombe met Dusting four years ago when she was giving him dance lessons. They soon became good friends, with Dusting regularly taking her to dinner and visiting her home.

But when Dusting asked her to marry him, she turned him down without a moment of hesitation.

And now he has handed her a bill that clearly outlines every single dollar he spent on her, which amounts to $200,000 Australian dollars.

Dusting paid for a myriad of expenses such as dental appointments, tupperware and even birthday parties for her kids.

He is accusing her of playing with his emotions to get money out of him.

One time, he says, she asked him to pay for an emergency surgery. But when he got to the hospital, Dusting found that she had gotten breast implants and a tummy tuck.

Lacombe, on the other hand, is claiming that she took one loan of $25,000 and the rest was lent to her out of kindness.

She completely denies asking him to pay for her cosmetic surgery.

Lacombe also claims that she worked as his office assistant for four years and was not paid a dime for her service.

"At the end of the day things took a turn for the worse when I said no to getting married to him," she said, adding that the bill is a form of revenge for the rejection.

Dusting says the rejection has rendered him unable to dance ever again, according to Daily Mail.

"I've probably still got the ability within, physically. Mentally I still have the ability," he said. "But, emotionally, it's just not there any more."

Via: MSN, Top Photo Credit: YouTube