Woman Plans On Marrying A Tree After Having 'Best Sex Ever' With It


A tree is currently getting more action than a lot of men out there.

According to, Emma McCabe, 31, told Closer magazine  she has found the most satisfying sexual relationship she's ever had in a tall poplar tree she has named Tim.

McCabe intends to marry the tree because all of her relationships with humans have failed miserably.

The 31-year-old did not hesitate to provide details regarding Tim's magic touch.

She told the British tabloid,

Tim is also a great source of emotional support, she says, and she sometimes goes to see him just to talk, reports

McCabe added,

Her family refused to comment, so who knows what they think of her suitor.

McCabe would love for them to come to her wedding, which she'd prefer to be a "low-key ceremony."

Tim and McCabe's bond is most likely the result of an extreme case of dendrophilia, which is a psychological disorder involving a sexual attraction to trees.

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