Woman Loses 60 Pounds After Seeing BF's Text Calling Her 'Massive'


When Amy Jones picked up her boyfriend's cell phone, she never expected to see what she did: a text to a pal, referring to Jones as “massive” and an “embarrassment.”

At 210 pounds, Jones knew she was overweight -- but she was hurt when she saw her boyfriend's cruel remarks, especially because, in the past, he'd repeatedly told her how much he enjoyed her full figure.

She remembers,

He always said that I looked fantastic, and he liked me with a fuller figure when I asked him if I should lose weight.

Still, when she looked at a picture of herself, Jones knew she had to make a change.

She says,

I cried when I saw the picture next to the tractor. I was so badly out of shape, almost as big as the tractor I thought, this is not me -- this is not who I want to be.

So she made a major lifestyle change and began to focus on eating better, swapping out candy and chips for healthy alternatives like vegetables and dried coconut.

She's since lost an incredible 60 pounds -- one-third of her body weight -- and plans to continue dieting until she reaches a size eight.

And as for her boyfriend?

Jones said,

The text message was the final straw, but things had been rocky before then. We split up but actually stayed friends afterwards. I don't harbor any grudge about the text message… I just wish that he had been a bit more honest beforehand because I might not have got into such bad shape.

You go, girl.

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