Real-Life 'Gone Girl' Allegedly Staged Her Own Insane Fake Kidnapping

In just a couple of days, Denise Huskins was lost and found. That's because she reportedly faked her own kidnapping.

The Washington Post reports the Vallejo, California woman was initially reported missing by her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, Monday afternoon.

He told local officers she'd been gone for about 12 hours.

After days of searching and interviewing Quinn, however, the police began to smell something a little fishy about the man's story – especially after over 75 people teamed up to search surrounding bodies of water and couldn't find a single sign of 29-year-old Huskins.

Huskins' devastated family took to the news, making a desperate plea for her return. According to CNN, police reported there had been a $8,500 ransom demand.

As the search rolled into its third day, there was a sudden plot twist.

On Wednesday morning, Vallejo police found a healthy, uninjured Huskins in Huntington Beach – over 400 miles from Quinn's home.

Huskins, who was scheduled to fly back to Vallejo to meet with investigators, disappeared once again. She never boarded her flight.


In a press conference, Lt. Kenny Park explained Huskins' case is now being treated as con rather than a kidnapping.


CBS Sacramento reports Park told gathered media, "Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins have... taken focus away from the true victims of our community while instilling fear amongst our community members."


"So if anything, it's Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins that owe this community an apology."


The investigation is ongoing, but the LA Times reports the district attorney will consider bringing legal charges against the pair.

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