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Woman Kidnapped Herself To Avoid Planning Her Boyfriend's Birthday

An Arizona woman staged her own kidnapping potentially to escape the stress of throwing her boyfriend a birthday party.

Local news station AZ Family reports the unnamed boyfriend of Jennifer Alvarez called the Pinal County Sheriff's Office on Monday night when he arrived at their home and noticed something was wrong.

He saw blood inside before discovering that Alvarez, 36, along with two guns were nowhere to be found.

She remained missing until Tuesday evening when another man called the sheriff's office.

He heard about the missing woman and called to say that she had stayed at his home Monday night, but he dropped her off home the next morning.

Sheriff's deputies would go on to find Alvarez at her own home, where she apparently lives in addition to her boyfriend's house.

When deputies asked where she had been, Alvarez gave them two stories.

The first revolved around her boyfriend's birthday party.

She said she became so anxious about organizing the event for Monday night that she just left their home.

Then a dental filling fell out of her mouth, which would seemingly explain the blood.

But deputies didn't believe her, and she switched to another story about two men coming to the home just to hang out.

One of them, Alvarez said, stole her boyfriend's handgun and AR15.

She didn't want her boyfriend to think she just let him steal the guns, so she smashed her mobile phone and clawed at her gums until they bled.

The object was to make it appear that she had been kidnapped after a violent struggle.

Sheriff Paul Babeu said in a press release,

The Sheriff's Office and Casa Grande Police expended many hours and our full attention to locate her, when we could have been working other cases. At the conclusion of this investigation, we intend to file charges against Alvarez.

A spokesman for the Pinal County Sheriff's Office said Alvarez finally gave detectives a third story, admitting she had staged her own kidnapping.

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