Woman Hilariously Uses Nike+ To Map Her Running Routes In The Shape of Penises (Photos)

Feeling horny? There's now a creative way to send a dick pic.

All you have to do is use Nike+ to track your run, and run in the shape of a penis. Instant dick pic. You can even alter the girth and length of your custom-made genitalia by running farther, for longer.

Increase your penis size and lose weight in the process! What could be better?

Instagram user clairewyck decided to test this method out, despite her lack of penis.

She's followed some pretty unique paths during her exercise routines and uploaded screenshots of the maps to Instagram.

She's run in the shape of a middle finger, of a woman pole dancing, and of an Amish woman's head, but her most notable works are definitely the paths of penises.

H/T: BroBible, Photos Courtesy: Instagram