Woman Earns $1 Per Minute Making Men Feel Horrible About Themselves


Ceara Lynch is a "humiliatrix."

But she's not your average whip-wielding bad gal: She specializes in humiliating men. For their sexual pleasure, of course.

The 28-year-old from Portland, Oregon, has been making bank as a professional man-shamer for 11 years now, and insists it's a “really fun” job.

She stumbled into the career by accident when she was 17, after discovering some men got off when she treated them badly.

Lynch soon realized she could make money off the fetish, and has been doing so ever since via videos, live webcam shows and, occasionally, over the phone.

It's certainly lucrative: Lynch makes $1 per minute on her custom videos, plus an additional $39.99 per month from each subscriber on her website.

The videos -- which Lynch says make up the bulk of her earnings -- are custom-made for each client and designed to play into their unique desires, fetishes and fears.

She explains,

I always play a dominant role, and I tap into things like cuckolding, small penis humiliation, foot fetish, toilet slavery, giantess — which is this fetish where guys imagine this giant woman that's going to come and crush them with her feet or swallow them whole — different stuff like that.

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