Woman Gets Breast Implants She Can Refill Herself Up To Size 32K (Video)

In addition to being the unofficial motto of the state of Texas, a lot of people seem to think "Bigger Is Better" would also be a great slogan when it comes to describing women's breasts.

Those people are wrong. They are very, very wrong.

I know every person has his or her own definition of what beauty really is, but I doubt a lot of people define it as "a woman who can use silicone injections to easily change her breasts from the size of a women's basketball to a regulation NBA game ball."

However, if the above description sounds like the kind of person you'd like to spend the rest of your life with, I have some fantastic news.

Not-so-subtly named German model Martina Big has lived up to her name by getting refillable implants, which can be filled to a 32K, and she's pushing them to their limit.

The 26-year-old former flight attendant has spent the past few years (and over $50,000) to enhance her figure, and if you decide to believe one of the more unbelievable stories I've ever come across on the Internet, Big's big breasts have caused at least one fairly serious accident involving an unsuspecting passerby.

I have seen people on a bike riding past and then driving into a lamp post.

That's something that probably happened.

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