Woman With Breast Cancer Credits 'Grey's Anatomy' With Saving Her Life

One year after her breast cancer diagnosis and cancer-free at last, Sarit Fishbaine still firmly believes she owes her life to "Grey's Anatomy."

It's a story the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes, called "humbling" to read about.

During an interview with Yahoo! Parenting, the Israel resident explained how she'd been to see a doctor for a routine checkup at age 34.

The mother of three, who was nursing at the time, was told the doctor found a suspicious lump, but it was most likely extra milk collecting in one area of the tissue.

Six months later, however, Fishbaine sat down in front of an eerily similar episode of "Grey's Anatomy" in which a young mom's breast cancer was misdiagnosed as, you guessed it, gathering milk.

After visiting a second doctor, Fishbaine's worst fears were confirmed: She had stage III breast cancer, and it had already started attacking her lymph nodes.


It's been one of the most challenging periods of Fishbaine's life. She's undergone chemotherapy, radiation and a unilateral mastectomy.

Now, she's looking forward to finally getting back to her old routines.

With reconstructive surgery on the horizon and three children under the age of 8, Fishbaine surely won't have much time for watching television.


But, she'll always be grateful for the televised staff of Seattle Grace Hospital.


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