Woman Was Arrested With No Clothes On After Cop Came In House Illegally

by Sean Levinson

An Arizona cop illegally entered a woman's home and handcuffed her while she was wearing nothing but a towel.

According to ABC-15, officer Doug Rose and his partner went to the Chandler home of Esmeralda Rossi in response to a call about an argument the woman had been having with her estranged husband.

Rossi was in the shower when they arrived, so she put on a towel after her daughter told her who was at the door.

She said Rose, who is a former Marine and has been a police officer for 20 years, quickly became very hostile, Daily Mail reports.

Rossi told him to wait a moment so she could get a cell phone.

She told ABC-15,

So I closed the door. I turn to go into my living room, and I probably get about five steps in; and all of a sudden, I just hear boots running in after me, telling me stop or I'll arrest you.

Rossi acknowledged she wasn't exactly polite to the officer, but her attorney believes anyone in this situation would have acted the same way.

She and her daughter both recorded Rose forcing Rossi's hands behind her back, causing the towel to come off.

Rossi added,

I felt helpless. I felt violated. And honestly, I felt molested.

Her daughter recorded Rose berating her traumatized mother for nearly 20 minutes.

At one point, he said,

When a cop shows up, you're not the one in charge. I don't care if this is your house. Do you understand me?

Rose eventually unarrested Rossi and made her daughter take off the handcuffs.

Rose's partner informed his superiors of the wrongful behavior immediately after the incident.

Chandler police concluded Rose had no reason to have illegally entered the home and failed to document several details of the arrest.

He reportedly retired shortly after an investigation was launched but is yet to be charged with a crime.

Here is the extremely unsettling video of the arrest:

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