Genius Wine Glasses Have Built-In Straws So Your Teeth Don't Turn Purple


Red wine lips are officially a thing of the past, thanks to one brand's innovative thinking.

Oenophilia — a company focused on everything vino — masterminded hands-free sippers with built-in glass straws, to keep drinkers from developing that telltale purple ring-around-the-mouth.

Though they're sort of reminiscent of a child's sippy cup, these three-ounce glasses are all grown up and super affordable.

A set of four will only set you back $12 (plus shipping — get on that Amazon Prime, guys).

Oneophilia Porto Sippers (Set of 4), $20, Amazon 

Supposedly, their shape somehow “enhances the flavor” of wines and liquor too.

Questionable, sure, but there's no doubt banishing wine-mouth for good will save people a lot of money on teeth whitener.

In need? Nab 'em here.