This Video Perfectly Describes Everything Wrong With Our Generation On Social Media

by Alexia LaFata

Facebook can be a weirdly depressing experience.

It seems like every time you scroll down your newsfeed, somebody is having the time of his or her life on vacation, at a party, at a new job, or just hanging out by a pool.

How is everyone having this much fun all the time?

As a user, however, you're only seeing what a person wants you to see.

You're only reading what the person writes on Facebook for his/her "friends," and you're only seeing the amount of people who thoughtlessly "Like" it while scrolling through their own depressing news feeds.

With just a few exaggerations and emoticons, any event or situation can be made to seem far more exciting than it actually is.

This video is probably the most accurate depiction of Facebook ever made.

Nothing the main character writes on his Facebook page matches what happens in real life, and the result is an amazingly well done film that chronicles how all of our lives on social media are lies.