This Is What It's Like To Walk Around Milan As A Muslim Imam (Video)

Racism -- especially against those of Muslim belief or heritage -- has tragically, over the past several years, reached an all-time high.

Though there is obviously nothing wrong with the religion, many wrongly associate the beliefs of Muslim extremists with the entirety of the Islamic population and project their fears upon innocent believers.

Dressed as an Imam, Egyptian student Hamdy Mahisen took to the streets of Milan to reveal the unwarranted abuse he and other Muslims are subjected to on a daily basis.

The video above reveals the shockingly horrifying results of his social experiment.

Some glare at Mahisen, others insult him and someone even calls him “Taliban sh*t.”

While Mahisen admits some level of abuse is, sadly, to be expected, he says larger cities like New York and Paris would yield less negative results -- although an Israeli reporter recently revealed a similarly harrowing walk for a Jew in Paris.

Racism in any form is inexcusable. For peace to ever flourish, this unjust hate-mongering needs to stop.

See the video up top, but be warned: It's truly difficult to stomach.

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