18-Year-Old Female Hulk Has A Barbie Face And A 400-Pound Deadlift (Photos)

Last year, we introduced you to Julia Vins, the 17-year-old female lifter with the face of Barbie and the body more like (a jacked-up) Ken.

Vins fell off the radar for a while, but she's back and bigger than ever -- in more ways than one.

The Russian weightlifter, now 18, can deadlift a whopping 400 pounds, or the weight of a full-grown adult tiger.

And just last August, the 18-year-old broke three world records at the World Powerlifting Championships in Moscow, leading her to win the entire competition.

Inspired by her fast success -- she's only been exercising for three years -- the so-called “muscle Barbie” hopes to continue building muscle.

She explained,

I want to become as big as possible.

The fact that she's gorgeous only adds to her intrigue, as her 23,000 Instagram followers can attest to. But it also attracts haters.

She said,

I have these big, beautiful eyes and wear makeup. But at the same time, I'm strong. Everyone has an opinion on what I look like -- they either respect my work or reprimand me for being a muscly girl.

Those haters, Vins says, are just jealous, and she won't let the negativity get to her. And why should she?

As she puts it, weightlifting is “her true calling,” and as you'll see in the pictures below, it's something she's damn good at.

She takes working out seriously.


But clearly, it's worth it.


Here, she's lifting 210 kg -- or 462 pounds.


Her back is all muscle.


And so are her arms.


She likes to feel pretty while she's working out.


So she wears makeup to the gym.


She could kick any guy's ass.


Vins refers to weightlifting as her "calling."


Her quads are as thick as a torso.


And her bicep is thicker than a leg.


Hard work pays off.


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