Water-Resistant Walls In Germany Shoot Pee Right Back At Drunk People

The St. Pauli district of Hamburg is one of Germany's top nightlife spots.

One of the downsides of attracting so many drunken partiers, however, is their tendency to pee on walls late at night.

A community organization may have finally put an end to the "wildpinkler" (wild urinator), however, by coating two buildings, which are most often urinated on, with a special paint that shoots it right back to its sender, Reuters reports.

People who pee on a wall now just end up peeing on themselves.

The group also put up signs in the area that translate to: "Do not pee here! We pee back!"

Julia Staron, who led the initiative, said the hydrophobe paint is expensive, costing over $540 to cover 65 square feet, but they're already seeing results.She said,

She said,

If you compare the work involved for daily cleaning of the mess and the awful smell, as well as all the collateral damage involved, it has definitely been well worth it.

The idea for the paint was conceived, Staron added, after every other solution had failed.

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