Violent Video Shows Police Beating A Man During Routine Traffic Stop

Something seems awry in the Inkster, Michigan police department.

A January 28 video that picked up speed reportedly shows three police officers beating and tasering 57-year-old Floyd Dent, a retired Ford Motor Co. employee with no record of criminal activity.

The officers first pulled the African American man over for running a stop sign and reportedly became alarmed when he didn't pull over immediately.

Police on the scene say Dent – who'd been driving with a suspended license – made a threat that lead to the attack, but their microphones either weren't activated or were broken.

Furthermore, police found a bag of cocaine under the car's passenger seat, but Dent's defense alleges it was planted by police during the search of the car.

No drugs were found in Dent's system during testing, although the Detroit Free Press reports he is charged with possession of the drug.

Dent, who will reportedly appear before a judge next week, told press he's most troubled by the fact that all of the police officers implicated in the beating were white.

After viewing a recording, the judge dismissed Dent's initial charges of resisting arrest and assault.

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