Oklahoma Frat's House Mother Shown Using Racial Slurs In Newfound Video

The racist saga of the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity doesn’t end with the brothers, whose chapter closed after a video of a memorized song referencing lynching appeared online.

A 2013 Vine has now surfaced, purportedly showing the SAE house mother, Beauton Gilbow, giggling while using offensive language.

Instead of chaperoning her charges, Gilbow appears to be encouraging them.

The New York Daily News reports the short video was originally brought to light by a student paper, The Oklahoma Daily, on Monday after staffers compared it to photos of Gilbow taken from a GoFundMe page raising money in her honor.

The university community had been concerned the woman would struggle for funds in the wake of SAE's closing.

Although around $6,000 had been raised, the page has seemingly been deleted in the wake of Gilbow's gaffe.

Gilbow giddily repeats the word "n*gga" to a song BuzzFeed identified as “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James.

Gilbow previously told local media the fraternity's racist song left her "in shock."