Vienna Sets Amazing Example With New Same-Sex Crossing Signals (Photos)

The traffic signals in most major cities showcase featureless men mid-stride, but Austria's capital just installed characters that are a little more gay-friendly.

As part of Vienna's participation in the annual Eurovision Song Contest, the city debuted homosexual couples on its traffic signs.

The pairs replace 120 of Vienna's more traditional lights and indicate the city's openness, according to a CityLab report.

Vienna surely seeks to capitalize on the success of Eurovision. The competition draws a large gay viewership, and BBC reports around 40 countries will participate in the talent search.

However, not everyone's pleased to see gay couples at every intersection.

At least one conservative politician was quoted saying the money used to replace the signals could have helped lower poverty and unemployment rates.

Interested in the contest? Eurovision begins May 19.

With stunts like this, Vienna's turning Eurovision into the musical version of the Olympics.


It's hard to resist a stop signal this cute.


Vienna certainly scored a media victory.


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