A Company Combined A V-Neck And Turtleneck For The Worst Shirt Ever

A Kickstarter campaign has been created by a company planning to change the fashion industry forever in the most ridiculous way possible: combining a V-neck and turtleneck into one ridiculous shirt.

A company is seeking funding for a shirt design that looks like a turtleneck shirt with an upside-down triangle cut out of it.

Can you say, fashawn?

TurtleV Clothing, LLC shared the origins of its revolutionary shirt design in a video posted on the company's Kickstarter page.

The founders of the company got together to solve that age-old problem we can all relate to: when your chest gets really hot as your neck is left uncovered in normal street wear.

Damn you, fashion industry, for telling us to cover our chest while covering the neck.

The company boasts on Kickstarter that it uses comfort neck-warming technology while providing the perfect outfit for any occasion, from golfing with coworkers to a night on the town.

Apparently the company's team of designers worked for hours to come up with the concept for the turtle/V-neck. Hours.

Imagine what other incredible things this team of visionaries could come up with for the advancement of the fashion industry after creating the TurtleV in mere hours.

The company needs $17,000 in funding to manufacture the product for retail.

A donation of $30 to the campaign gets you the much sought after TurtleV shirt, along with coveted VIP passes to the TurtleVIP party in San Francisco.

I don't know about you, but I'm considering donating the $30: The thought of attending a huge party of people wearing this design at the same event is absolutely priceless.

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