Best Uber Driver Ever Ships Woman's Stuff Home With A Handwritten Note


The hardest part of taking an Uber ride is remembering to check for your keys and wallet before exiting the vehicle.

London-based makeup artist Josie Chan learned that lesson the most difficult way this past Saturday, according to The Telegraph.

While taking catching a ride, a small purse containing bank cards, her license and cash fell out of Chan's pocket into the back of her Uber driver's car.

And while Chan panicked about her lost cards, the Uber driver, a Mr. Jamshid, was visiting the post office to mail it all back to her.

He even included a handwritten note, explaining what had happened and cataloging her things.

Chan says he spent $9.75 (£6.40) mailing back the clutch, even though the Uber ride only cost her about $9 (£5.93).

The relieved woman took to Twitter to praise the kind Uber driver, working with the service to deliver a bag of "thank you" chocolates to Mr. Jamshid.

In a statement to the London Evening Standard, an Uber London spokesperson said,

Mr. Jamshid is, surely, the Uber driver we all hope to hail on a tipsy Saturday night. He's got London's back.

This is London resident Josie Chan.

After Saturday's night on the town, she dropped her coin pouch in the back seat of an Uber car. Here's a tweet from that night:

The kind Uber driver mailed it to her, spending more on postage than Chan had on the car ride.

In thanks, Chan delivered a small gift to the driver. It was an all-around happy ending.

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