These Twin Brothers Actually Could Not Look Any More Different (Photos)

We've seen twins who look completely different before -- but how about twins born on different days?

Such is the case with the Boughey brothers, who not only look totally different, but don't even share the same birthday. One was born on Nov. 6, the other, early Nov. 7.

The 11-year-old twins each take after a different parent: Light-skinned Xavier takes after their Canadian father while tanned Jayden looks more like their Samoan mother.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, father Phil Boughey admits that when his sons were born he was "surprised for sure.”

He adds,

The running joke is because they were made in the Bahamas that [mother] Helen had the local Bohemian milkman stop by one day when I was at work to make the brown one.

The 11-year-old fraternal twins recently began at a new school in their Auckland, New Zealand, hometown and have had a difficult time convincing peers that they're not only brothers but also twins.

Their dad says,

They think it's great because they are twins but they are individual and celebrate different birthdays.

And though they're wildly different, personality-wise -- Xavier is described as having a “dry sense of humor,” whereas Jayden “is more outgoing” -- the proud father insists,

They are best friends and always will be.

Meet Jayden (left) and Xavier (right) Boughey.

Here, with their parents.

Xavier is pale while Jayden is more tan, like their Samoan mom.

People rarely believe the 11-year-olds are twins.

Weirdly enough, they even have different birthdays.

But they're best buds for life!

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