The TSA Collected $675,000 In Spare Change At US Airports Last Year

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It's probably safe to say that literally no one is a fan of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for any number of reasons (primarily the groping). Well, as it turns out, we can add another one to the list.

The TSA is taking your money but, in fairness, it's kind of your fault.

It's no secret Americans despise loose change. And we both intentionally and inadvertently dispose of it all the time. Let's be honest, there's probably a fortune stuck beneath the cushions of your couch.

More often than not, it appears we also leave change behind when going through security at the airport. This isn't that surprising as we're told to empty our pockets and are typically rushing to get to our gate.

The TSA has taken notice to this trend and is reaping huge profits in the process. Last year alone, it collected nearly $675,000 in spare change. That's a lot of pennies.

Passengers at JFK airport donated the most to the TSA, giving away a whopping $42,550 in spare change.

All of the change goes straight to the TSA financial office. In other words, it gets to keep every last cent.

Perhaps the TSA might consider giving the money to charity instead of lining its pockets. Just a thought.

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