4-Year-Old's Reaction To Flipping Upside Down In Plane Couldn't Be Cuter (Video)

Pilot Raphael Langumier has been taking his daughter, Léa, on plane rides since she was a baby.

Recently, the French-Canadian pilot began introducing the 4-year-old girl to more advanced flying techniques: He takes her along for aerobatic flights, which involve him flipping and spinning the small plane mid-air.

The father, who is president of Quebec's Aviation RL, recently posted a video to Vimeo showing his daughter's reaction to these crazy maneuvers, and it's so adorable.

Little Léa can't help but giggle uncontrollably as the plane summersaults in the air; in fact, the fearless toddler looks as though she couldn't be happier, and her laughter is truly infectious.

Check out the adorable clip up top.

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