The Story Behind Miles Scott, The Boy Who Will Become 'Batkid' After Fighting Cancer His Whole Life

by Sean Levinson

San Francisco will be turned into Gotham City today as per the wish of a young boy with a life-threatening illness.

5-year-old Batman fanatic Miles Scott was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just 18 months old and, thankfully, is currently in remission, meaning there is no longer evidence of the disease in his body.

Late last month, Miles informed the always gracious Make-A-Wish foundation that his greatest dream is to become the caped crusader for one day.

These miracle workers proved again that no request is too great by vowing to transform part of the Bay Area into a scene right from the movie, and today the action will unfold.

"We come from a very small town, 1,000 people, where it's nothing like this," Miles' dad Nick Scott told ABC Local. "The scale this big is just overwhelming for us. It's nothing we ever dreamed of."

Residents from all over San Francisco are coming together to make Miles' dream come true, from the mayor to the police chief to the flash mob scheduled to take place at Union Square.

"It's really neat to see how many people have got together for a stranger they don't know and show support for; it's heartwarming," Nick Scott said.

The foundation has arranged for a news story to break this morning that will feature a plea from the city's police chief for Miles, who will today be known as Batkid, to fight crime and capture villains from the comic book.

Miles, dressed in a Batman costume, will team up with an adult also dressed as Batman and head to the cable-car tracks in San Francisco's Nob Hill neighborhood to rescue a young woman before catching the Riddler as he tries to rob a vault further downtown.

After having lunch in Union Square, the chief will instruct Batkid to look out a window where he will find the aforementioned flash mob begging for him to rescue the city's mascot, Lou Seal, from the Penguin.

A custom-made convertible-version of the Batmobile will be waiting for the team on the square.

After catching the Penguin, Batkid will travel to City Hall where San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee will present him a key to the city along with a copy of the Gotham City Chronicle, thanking him for his work.

Making the scene feel even more real will be approximately 13,500 people posing as innocent bystanders to cheer on the costumed Scott.

Though all the action will take place today, the scene officially began last night when a genuine bat signal could be seen illuminating from San Francisco's Grand Hyatt.

Look for tweets documenting the epic battles using the hashtag #SFBatKid, from which people can also track the scenes in real time.

Via: ABC, Top Photo Courtesy: Make-A-Wish