Powerful Sex Trafficking Tinder Ads Have Men Swiping Right For A Cause

by Emily Arata

Ireland's Tinder users are about to get a wake-up call about the truths of sex trafficking.

In conjunction with the Immigrant Council of Ireland, marketing agency EightyTwenty created a series of mock Tinder profiles that currently live on the app. Each profile starts with a beautiful woman, posed like any other profile you might see.

But, each swipe through the woman's pictures reveals an additional bruise or cut. The last two images contain important messages about the real faces of sex trafficking, and the damage it continues to do.

Cathal Gillen, EightyTwenty's marketing and data director, said,

Tinder has become an extremely popular app in Ireland, and it provides us with a unique, innovative and stand out way of communicating to men the issues faced by women involved in sex trafficking.

According to the Immigrant Council, the sex trafficking industry continues to net around 250 million dollars every year. Millions of women are still sexually exploited.

Denise Charlton, the council's CEO, said in a press release,

Sex trafficking is one of the most lucrative crimes with the sums involved on a par with those for drug smuggling and gun running... The Immigrant Council of Ireland is committed to using every possible opportunity to increase awareness about the activities of the thugs behind these crimes and the impact on their victims.

Tinder has certainly become a popular spot for viral marketing within the last year.

In January, FOX advertised "The Mindy Project" by creating profiles for each of the show's characters. Later in the year, the ad firm BBH put 10,000 shelter dogs on Tinder.