Paw Right: There Is Now Tinder For Dogs And It's Called 'TinDog'

TinDog wants you to know your dog could turn into man's best... wingman.

For years, dogs had to go to parks, chase cars and become star basketball players in order to help their owners overcome grief from their fathers' deaths and to impress their opposite-gendered dog friends.

All dogs may go to heaven, but that shouldn't limit their chances at having some no-strings-attached fun down on Earth.

TinDog -- Tinder for dogs -- is changing that reality by modernizing hookup culture for dogs.

Scratch right or scratch left.


Post a picture of your prized pooch to the app, and then, let its paws do the swiping.

Your pooch can dig through other dogs on the app until it finds another canine to cuddle.

The app is launched by Holidog, an online marketplace for dogs, and it is currently available for download on Android and Apple phones.



Holidog CEO Julien Muller says he hopes the app will help dog enthusiasts expand their circles of dog-loving friends and maybe even spark romantic flings.

This is obviously a great app for dog lovers, leaving the door wide open for future apps, like GoldfishDate or OKHamster.

Don't hold your breath for Cat-Tinder, though. Cats have no souls and are incapable of love.

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