Tinder Cofounder Creates Dating App Where Women Make The First Move

Tinder is a guy's world.

Ask any woman who uses the app, and chances are she can relay a story or two detailing seriously creepy messages she's received from male suitors.

For the women who don't want to put up with the unsolicited dick pics that are often a part of the Tinder game, however, there's another way to search for love: Bumble.

Founded by Whitney Wolfe (interestingly, one of the cofounders of Tinder) and Andrey Andreev (CEO of social network Badoo), the app is similar to Tinder but different in that it only lets women make the first move.

In an interview with Racked, Wolfe explained,

We wanted to modernize dating... There's this unwritten rule that it's not ladylike, or it's wrong, or the guy should go first. The whole thing feels silly and outdated. We wanted to encourage a confident connection. Making the first move, whether the woman is matching with a man or a woman, gives her a boost of confidence right off the bat. It immediately puts her in the driver's seat.

Once there's a match, the woman has 24 hours to spark up conversation. If no contact is made in that time, the connection is deleted from the app's history.

This is meant to help users differentiate between real prospects and those who may only be interested in hooking up.

Still, most of Bumble's users are looking for something real. And though there's no screening process for signing up, Wolfe insists the users on Bumble are a “cool, creative group.”

She says,

It's a very sophisticated group that are using the app, and very international as well. It's not unusual to see someone whose profile says, 'Harvard Business School, back and forth from London and New York.'

So next time Tinder lets you down -- and it will -- try your hand at Bumble. Who knows? You may just find the sophisticated man or woman of your dreams.

And if not, at least you'll be saved the trouble of conversing with immature boys.

If you ask us, that's a win-win.

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